SG Stella Image

Born 2012
SG Imagine – British National Champion × SG Esscada (Essteem)

Colour Grey

STELLA is a daughter of SG ESSCADA sired by WORLD CHAMPION ESSTEEM and we are lucky to have full sibling sisters, by SG IMAGINE. SG CHANEL IMAGE and SG STELLA IMAGE.

Every one visiting Georgian Arabians when SG Imagine daughters were growing up adored Stella, for her extreme showmanship and elevated trot, high blowing with head held high and tail planted firmly over her back. She is well put together with a strong balanced structured frame. Every one of IMAGINE’s children, are look a like and Stella has adopted the best attributes from her charismatic sire and dam.

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SG Mathilda J

‘Spoken for’

Born 2009
WH Justice × Malikeh El Sakeena (Maleik El Kheil)

SG MATHILDA J is an exciting show mare sired by WH JUSTICE and a full sister to SG MATISSE.  We were so lucky to get our MALEIK EL KHEIL daughter, the late MALIKEH EL SAKEENA in foal twice to their “super star” sire WH JUSTICE and for both mares to be so exceptional.

Sweetness and light Mathilda J has exuberance and show presence in spades. She is typy from her head to her toes and in the show-ring her tail held high she exudes presence. She is powerfully made with a strong back and body and plenty of bone. Her long hooky neck is set on an angulated shoulder and to see this mare move with extravagant stride is awesomely special.

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SG Grace and Gratitude

Born 2011
SG Latif Ibn Liana × SG Hessta Shaklana (Essteem)

Colour Grey

SG GRACE AND GRATITUDE is named after a very special song (with a special message written by two very special friends Olivia Newton John and Amy Skye) and this pure white mare mare is as giving as the name implies. She has superlative bloodlines on both sides of her family tree and her Sire is the beauteous SG LATIF IBN LIANA, a son of Straight Egyptian KZ IBREEZ. Her dam is SG HESSTA SHAKLANA a daughter of WORLD CHAMPION ESSTEEM and the mother of SG IMAGINE. Grace is tall and elegant, well bodied and boned with a smooth hip and croup. She will excel in the performance arena in either dressage or endurance with her strong workman like limbs and lengthy stride, yet alongside this, she has a magnificent femininity.

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SG Anya Image

Born 2011
SG Imagine – British National Champion × G Akushla (Artist)

SG ANYA IMAGE is an extremely pretty chestnut mare out of Russian/Egyptian mare G AKUSHLA and sired by WH JUSTICE son SG IMAGINE.

Anya is a powerfully made mare with good strong bone and limbs. She has been extremely special from birth, for her sweet and personable nature and Susan has always said Anya was born for performance, such a picture on the move with power and cadence in every extravagant stride.

Her half sister SG ANESSTASIA (by WORLD CHAMPION stallion ESSTEEM) was a star in the world of endurance garnering top awards, including two winning years of the 100 km ride at Cirencester.

Without doubt our beautiful ANYA will one day be following in her sister’s fabulous footsteps.

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SG Vienna Image

‘Spoken for’

Born 2011
SG Imagine – British National Champion × Haiti Shaklana (MA Alishah)

SG VIENNA IMAGE is sired by British National Champion SG IMAGINE and she is an exceptional mare in every way. She is out of Georgian Arabians homebred mare HAITI SHAKLANA, who had produced type in all her offspring, her bloodlines, a combination of the Golden Cross – Spanish/Egyptian. Her grandsire the all important stallion Ruminaja Ali. Vienna has a wonderful demeanour, a quietness in her stable but all of her fathers showy attitude in the arena. She moves like a feather yet with power in every purposeful stride, her elegant strong built frame is a picture of beauty. Vienna first foal was born in 2021 a beautiful filly called Roe SG’s Viennouna.

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SG Biata Image

Born 2013
SG Imagine – British National Champion × G Baryshnia (Artist)

Colour Chestnut

This beautiful young mare is out of our multi-Champion show mare G BARYSHNIA. Her father BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPION stallion SG IMAGINE. BIATA moves as one would expect from this coupling of sire and dam, with an elevated action and showy presence. Her half sister SG BEJA JAMAAL is already an important part of the endurance world, and we can see a career for powerfully made SG BIATA in the same field. She has a beautiful sculptured face and good length of neck, an excellent structure of body and bone and with her gleaming chestnut coat and flaxen mane, stands out in every crowd.

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SG Ebreea

Born 2006
KZ Ibreez × Egala (Grandorr)

SG EBREEA is from Polish/Straight Egyptian bloodlines. She is an exceptionally well bodied mare, strong in structure and with plenty of bone just like her mother the late Eline Polish mare Egala one of the most prolific broodmares at the stud out of EGINA. Ebreea’s sire is KZ IBREEZ a straight Egyptian stallion with immense presence and exotic type, who stood at Georgian Arabians for a number of years. Ebreea has taken the best from both sides of her family tree and with her pretty looks and lovely length of neck looks the perfect picture on the move.

Ebreea’s offspring are SG ESHAN IMAGE the prettiest pure white gelding and his spitting image younger brother SG ENIGMA IMAGE, both sired by our premiere WH Justice stallion SG IMAGINE.

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SG Isadore Bint Bedawi

Born 2011
Bedawi Al Rayyan × Inaya Bint Atticus (The Atticus)

Colour Bay

Straight Egyptian SG ISADORE BINT BEDAWI has bloodlines steeped in history. She is a strikingly powerful mare with a strong structured body and excellent limbs. Isadore has extravagant movement and a gentle willing to please nature. Her potential for breeding purposes is exciting as her late mother was a daughter of the legendary IMPERIAL MADHEEN. Isadore would make a superb partner for competition in endurance or any other chosen discipline.

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SG Mayesta Jamaal

Born 2013
Jullyus JJ × LC Southern Majic (Magic Dream)

Colour Bay

Breeding Purebred Arabian

SG MAYESTA JAMAAL is sired by Scotsdale Champion JULLYEN EL JAMAAL son JULLYUS JJ and she is out of our Multi-Champion mare LC SOUTHERN MAJIC, a daughter of MAGIC DREAM out of PADRON PHSYCHE mare PSVANNAH.

MAYESTA mirrors her full sister SG MARA JAMAAL and they are both refined and exotic in type. This pretty mare trots with extravagance and that look at me factor that one always hopes to breed and although up to now the show ring has eluded us simply because of my own time restraints it is definitely something for the future.

In 2021 MAYESTA became first time mother to a pretty refined bay filly SG MIRA JAMAAL and this mare took to motherhood with loving ease. MIRA’S father is Champion stallion ROE LATEEF a son of GAZAL AL SHAQAB  Trotting out and even high blowing as a tiny foal she took our breath away and as a two year old she’s matured beautifully, tall and stretchy with a gorgeously refined length of neck. She’s still going up height wise and has a way to go before becoming a a definite prospect for the show-ring.

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SG Amber Djewel

‘Spoken for’

Born 2007 – 16 yrs
WH Justice × Djewel (Ansata El Salaam)

Multi Champion show mare by WH Justice

SG AMBER DJEWEL is an exceptionally special daughter of world famous WH JUSTICE. She is out of Straight Egyptian homebred the late and greatly missed DJEWEL, who’s dam was IMPERIAL MADHEEN daughter MB DHAKEENA and her sire, legendary stallion ANSATA EL SALAAM.

From the moment Amber Djewel was born, breeder Susan George knew she was something so special and through the years her beauty has astounded not only her owner but all who visit Georgian Arabians. The kind of mare one only dreams of….. Amber knows she has a magical quality and presence and exudes power in every extravagant stride.

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SG Indiana Bint Ibreez

Born 2006
KZ Ibreez × Inaya Bint Atticus (The Atticus)

Straight Egyptian mare SG INDIANA is an IMPERIAL MADHEEN granddaughter out of the late INAYA BINT ATTICUS. She was an outstanding foal and has retained her classic type and beauty. Indiana has exceptional expressive eyes and a shapely defined head with lovely length of neck that she uses beautifully on the move. She has her dam’s structure and body, a level back and croup and good dense bone. Her sire KZ IBREEZ an exotic chestnut stallion by AL MARAAM was on lease to Georgian Arabian for several years. The breeding potential of this exotic straight Egyptian mare is an exciting prospect for any discerning breeder.

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SG Hessta Shaklana

Born 2001
Essteem × Halina Shaklana (Kerrilyn Ibn Amir)

SG HESSTA SHAKLANA is one of Georgian Arabian’s precious homebred ESSTEEM daughters and the Dam of BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPION Stallion, SG IMAGINE sired by WH JUSTICE picture shows such a special time 💕 mother and son….

This wonderful mare has one of the best bodies conformationally and was shown successfully as a youngster. She moves with all the power and magnificence of her WORLD   CHAMPION sire ESSTEEM. And on the dam side comes from a long line of historic Spanish bloodlines. Her mother, the late HALINA SHAKLANA by KERRYLIN IBN AMIR (AMIR EL SHAKLAN) was out of delicious Spanish mare HAGUNIA owned by the Maxwell family.

Hessta has produced consistent quality and type in her offspring and in her twenties still strong and moving like a steam train such a joy to see.

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SG Matisse

‘Spoken for’

Born 2008
WH Justice × Malikeh El Sakeena (Maleik El Kheil)

SG MATISSE is a daughter of WH JUSTICE and show mare with a sereness all of her own. She has a classically refined EL SHAKLAN head with elfin ears and huge doleful eyes. Her length of neck is well set on angulated shoulders. She is out of MALEIK EL KHEIL daughter, MALIKEH EL SAKEENA, the dam of SG SPIRIT OF ESSTEEM and her sire is WH JUSTICE. We first exhibited SG MATISSE at the Wessex Championship show when she was a yearling and on that occasion, was awarded CHAMPION JUNIOR FILLY and SUPREME CHAMPION of the Show.

2021 saw her first foal on the ground and like her dam she was the perfect mother. Her filly SG Macie Gray is a picture of typey elegance, a pretty head, gorgeous large expressive eye, and a well structured body, she is sired by superb Champion stallion Roe Lateef  by Gazal Al Shaqab

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SG Mara Jamaal

‘Spoken for’

Born 2005
Jullyus JJ × LC Southern Majic (Magic Dream)

SG MARA JAMAAL is a mare of exceptional beauty.

Her elegance stands out, with her smooth body and top line, refined head and large soft eye. She is a daughter of MAGIC DREAM, LC SOUTHERN MAJIC and is sired by JULLYUS JJ. On the move she is all Arabian type. She takes after her dam in every way with her flamboyant action, her tail held high, her heart on her sleeve as she struts around the stud’s indoor arena but her exotic looks, make Mara very much, her father’s daughter.

She took to first time motherhood wonderfully in 2012 with her new born SG MIDAS IMAGE, a superb colt by SG IMAGINE, and we all have high hopes for this little mare’s future.

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SG Boranya

‘Spoken for’

Born 2002
Borneo × Luzhana (Rezolute Bay)

Multi Champion Mare

Dam of SG BORANYA, Georgian Arabians foundation mare LUZHANA,was 68 percent CRABBET, out of LUDORA and by Polish stallion RESOLUTE BAY. She had a succession of colt foals, until one day this much wanted filly was born. Sired by Spanish NATIONAL CHAMPION Champion BORNEO, Boranya was not only well put together but a powerful mover and gorgeous in type. The very first article written about her described her as “She stepped out of a dream,” and for breeder Susan George she most certainly did.

Winning many Championships as a Junior, SG BORANYA caused great excitement, when crowned CHAMPION FILLY, by well known (Mid West Arabians, showman /breeder and judge Bob Boggs) on a rare Championship Show judging appointment in the United Kingdom.

Boranya has a beautiful full sister and both mares are a mirror of their dam. SG BLISS and her handsome chestnut son SG BELLISSIMO owned by Noelle Skingle of Diamond Farm.

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SG Esscada

Born 2002
Essteem × Halina Shaklana (Kerrilyn Ibn Amir)

SG ESSCADA is a daughter of World Champion and Triple Crown stallion, ESSTEEM and in every respect she takes after her magnificent sire. She is a full sister to SG IMAGINE’S dam, SG HESSTA SHAKLANA and both girls are out of our incomparable KERRYLIN IBN AMIR daughter, the late HALINA SHAKLANA, daughter of the famous Maxwell H-line mare, HAGUNIA. ESSCADA has a great body with a strong back and smooth top line. She is a power house on the move. She has produced so many beautiful offspring and every one with extraordinary type and charisma.

ESSCADA showed successfully as a junior mare and then became a very special brood mare indeed. Her fillies, one born in 2011 and the other in 2012 are both by SG IMAGINE. They have type, immense show quality and presence.

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SG Portia

Born 2005
Jullyus JJ × Paleogeia (Gwizd)

SG PORTIA is the last in the line of offspring out of a sensational Georgian Arabians broodmare, the late PALEOGEIA a daughter of GWIZD. Portia’s dam was purchased in the year of the famous Gucci sale in the United Kingdom. She had a host of children and was also a show mare of incredible quality and a Multi Champion in her day.

This daughter SG PORTIA, has something extremely special about her, with her huge expressive eyes, gentle nature and willing to please attitude. Her sire is JULLYUS JJ and she has taken the best assets of both Father and Mother’s bloodlines. She is strong in the body with excellent conformation and a lovely length of neck which she uses on the move to create a picture of immense beauty and type.

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SG India

Born 2009
SG Indigo × Haiti Shaklana (MA Alishah)

Colour Grey

This beautiful natured, powerfully made mare has a place in all our hearts, not only for her look but willingness and ability to perform at the drop of a hat. She moves with effortless stride and would be a great proposition for under saddle competition in any discipline in particular endurance. INDIA’s bloodlines are of exceptional historic quality, the legendary EL SHAKLAN on the dam side and RUMINAJA ALI on the sire and half sisters include SG IMAGINE daughters, SG VIENNA IMAGE and SG HON FLEUR IMAGE. The dam of all three girls is HAITI SHAKLANA one of Georgian Arabians’ finest and most treasured broodmares.

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SG Beja Jamaal

‘Spoken for’

Born 2010
Jullyus JJ × G Baryshnia (Artist)

This wonderful mare is a daughter of Multi Champion Mare G BARYISHNIA (Artist x Buhara (Moment). After a successful show career, we retired her mother from the ring many years ago and have since bred some treasured offspring. As a junior mare G BARYSHNA took a third prize at the World Championships in Paris and proved the versatility of our breed, excelling in both halter and ridden disciplines alongside. Beja’s sire is JULLYUS JJ a son of Scottsdale Champion Stallion, JULLYEN EL JAMAAL.

This flea bitten grey mare with dreamy eyes is well-conformed with a super length of neck and in look so similar to her dam and has her Russian mother’s movement with elevation and power. She has a gorgeous soft and gentle temperament, was sold to an endurance rider some years ago who subsequently decided to retire her and she is now back with me to breed.

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SG Ruby Djewel

‘Spoken for’

Born 2015
SG Imagine – British National Champion × Djewel (Ansata El Salaam)

Colour Grey

RUBY DJEWEL was born on Sunday 25th May 2015 and instead of it being the expected happy ocassion, it was tinged with great sadness, as we lost her beautiful mother Djewel on the night she entered the world!. Feelings at the time and now are that this daughter Ruby had to be a god given gift. For a week or so, we sat up day and night bringing up baby by hand, until the most amazing moment when we were called at the stud and offered the opportunity of a surrogate mother.

Soon gorgeous little Dartmoor mare JP was brought to the farm, and I thank her kind breeder/owner Caroline Belam, who was only too pleased to help. After some planned and careful introduction she and Ruby Djewel became as one….

RUBY is a combination of her mother DJEWEL (sired by ANSATA El SALAAM) and SG IMAGINE (by WH Justice) and similar to her sister SG Amber Djewl in both type and presence. Ruby and best friend Dhakira have grown up naturally in the field coming in for handling and preparation for the big world out there and the many opportunities open to them. Obviously sweetest Ruby is and always will be a treasured mare that we are fortunate to have in our lives.

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SG Dhakira Image

‘Spoken for’

Born 2015
SG Imagine – British National Champion × MB Dhakeena (Imperial Madheen)

Colour Grey

SG DHAKIRA IMAGE is an exceedingly special daughter of MB DHAKEENA who had been barren for 11 years before a one off covering with British National Champion SG IMAGINE proved successful. DHAKEENA was a daughter of IMPERIAL MADHEEN and mares sired by this magnificent stallion are still sort after the world over. SG DHAKIRA has an undefinable beauty, the elegance of sire and dam and we feel she has an exciting future, a show mare with outstanding breeding potential.

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SG Lace

Born 2004
Akhenaten × Malikeh El Sakeena (Maleik El Kheil)

This pretty mare of El Shaklan type, out of Maleik El Kheil daughter, Malikeh El Sakeena, is a mirror of her 20 year old dam. Lace is sired by 3 times El Shaklan related Akhenaten, who who not only had success in the showring himself but has the most amazing WORLD CHAMPION mares in his family tree. Lace has so far never been exhibited, but should be as she has the quality and attitude to shine and most definitely stands out in a crowd, with the most amazing hover trot and tail carriage. Her mother has been a great asset to Georgian Arabians producing charismatic offspring every one.

Lace we are certain will be an exceptional brood mare and a quality addition to a discerning breeders programme.

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