Success Stories

Success Stories, here to bring a smile.....

Over the years Georgian Arabians has had some amazing success stories and we have seen a lot of dreams fulfilled. When people come to buy a horse from us they also come to buy in to a small piece of my life style, the one that I have chosen, the one that makes me happiest.

Sue & SG Mikado

Son of SG Mistral and sired by Akhenaten –  I have had SG Mikado since 2014.  He was sent to Mandy Burr’s yard to be backed and, at the time, the Arab that I had was sick and did not have long to live.  I was thinking about starting to look for a new horse and Mandy suggested I give Mikado a try.  I instantly fell in love with him and was hooked!  Over the years we have had fun doing sponsored rides for charity, showing clinics and some dressage plus hacking around the woods near our yard alone and with friends.  We have regular lessons with Mandy who keeps us on track and it helps she has a deep knowledge of the breed.  I love being with Mikado on a summers morning when it is just the two of us hacking around together.  He has a great personality, sense of humour and is highly intelligent but most of all …he is my best friend.

Caroline & Baryshnikov

Caroline Armstrong – Jones and SG Baryshnikov – When Caroline Armstrong – Jones first came to Georgian Arabians she had a definite plan and it was to eventually ride her chosen horse on a beach at her holiday home in Wales. However, the horse that I thought perfect in temperament and kindness (although a champion in the show ring) was only a beginner under saddle.

It took many visits to bring this partnership together before eventually she arrived at the decision to buy but years later her trust, faith and patience has been so rewarded and I will never forget her surprising me at a reception in London, with the words “thank you Susie, I just want you to know Baryshnikov really is my horse of a life time”.

In the summer this year 2021 when meeting up was easing, we had our first visitors to Georgian Arabians my gorgeous friends Caroline and her husband Perry. Baryshnikov is now unbelievably 20 years young and going Oh so strong but they were looking for a boy to join him and complete their Arab family. On that day they met and fell in love with SG Iyenga Image a boy I was so attached to and my plans for him never to leave but we talked over supper and I could never give him the time, commitment and one to one love that they could so minds were made up. He is now well ensconced in his new fab home where he roams the garden, grazes under the kitchen window and has even had his first holiday with pal Baryshnikov to see the sea and walk among the sand dunes.

Liz & Elgin

Elizabeth Latham was a PA in London at the time she visited with the strongest intention she told me, to buy one of my Georgian Arabians horses. She had not ridden since childhood and now mature of age wanted to begin again. I presented 6 horses that afternoon but after the first, decisively she chose gelding SG Errant.

I remember at the time loving her commitment, he wasn’t backed and she had little experience, so our first task was to get him going under saddle. Intermittently she came to us to absorb the process and soon was up and on board. I’m thrilled to say that Errant was the first of three horses she eventually bought from us. Out of the window went her job in London and she can be seen riding either SG Errant or SG Elgin at prestigious eventing competitions across the country. Go Liz we are so proud of you…

Sarah & Merlin

Sarah Ainsworth found her dream horse SG Manon Ibn Latif (or Merlin as he is now affectionately known), whom she purchased from a previous owner.

Sarah is clearly overjoyed with Merlin, and says: I am so lucky to have found Merlin. When I first saw him he was an unbacked 7 year old. He was clearly very bored and still had much growing to do. He loves to work and is always well behaved at home and away. He started his novice endurance qualifications in the summer of 2019 and is proving to be a very calm, focused and forward going ride which is perfect for this sport. I am very excited for his future and will continue to develop him with care.

At home he is boss of the field and loves to play with his friends, his movement is breathtaking and he has a home for life with me. A truly wonderful character.

Mandy & Alfie

I leased the magnificent ELdanas Enigma for a few years of competition and he did me proud. I fell in love with this beautiful athletic boy but knew there would come a time for his return to Georgian Arabians and had been preparing myself for that day.! Its one I will never forget when Susie and Simon took me aside at a showground and amazingly said, my dream horse could stay with me forever.

Alfie as he was known to all, was a son of Susan’s ridden mare BNC Luzhana and followed in this magnificent Crabbet mares footsteps proving to be a superstar in every way. We competed under saddle and in hand at many shows, and he never failed to thrill. I remember as if yesterday, when Alfie became Champion Gelding at Kent County but for all his magnificent showing career what mattered to me, he was my best friend and is missed every day.
(By Owner Mandy Burr)

Rebecca & Safiy

Safiy is a son of British National Champion SG SPIRIT OF ESSTEEM. He came in to my life in 2016 when sent from Georgian Arabians to be backed by Mandy Burr at her yard in Kent. Mandy did all the ground work with him and I was his jockey from the outset. Having worked with Safiy for several months, I fell in love with him and couldn’t bear the thought of him being sold to someone else and in 2017, I was lucky enough to become his owner.

2018 was a disastrous year for me as I was diagnosed with breast cancer and a year of gruelling treatment followed. However it was my horses that got me through as I managed to keep riding every day. In that year I competed Safiy in affiliated dressage and a handful of shows and he was an absolute star as I was pretty weak, yet he still tried his heart out and always looked after me.

2019 was a much better year and Safiy and I were out and about as much as we could. We qualified for the BD Associated Dressage championships and the British Arabian Championships and I was absolutely thrilled with our results at the finals. Safiy coped with the indoor atmosphere brilliantly and was third in his prelim class at the BD Associated Dressage Championships and was fourth at the British Arabian Championships in a very strong class.
And now my boy and I are looking forward to the 2020 season.

Charlotte & Haneesh

SG Haneesh is a son of Georgian Arabians foundation mare Luzhana and sired by World Champion Essteem.Haneesh held a soft spot for breeder Susan from a foal, he loved work and moved like a steam train and was the subject of many of her photographs. His proud owner and riding partner Charlotte Purkis began their 5th endurance season last Sunday March 8th, with a 36kms Ride in The New Forest. He was thrilled to be back in action Charlotte said, away from the boggy clay fields of his home in the South. He sped round this course and to my delight received a grade1. Last year our high point was coming second in the Open Championships held at Boyton Hall in Suffolk and 3rd to another of Georgian Arabians home bred horse, SG Elegant in the CER (race) which we may decide to do again this year. He has been in The South East Team twice getting a Bronze medal both times and also gained his 1,000 mile award!His greatest asset is his soundness, out vetted only once when he banged a hind leg and was fine by the next morning.

“Haneesh is wonderful, such a friend and easy to do in every way and l love him to bits and am so lucky to own him”

Nicola & SG Elegant

Top endurance rider Nicola Malcolm and SG Elegant are a match made in heaven. He was so well put together in structure and bone from a tiny age and when Nicola first came to Georgian Arabians looking for a young horse to bring on and compete, he was instantly the chosen one. Elegant went from strength to strength in his first year and excitingly, we decided to give his dad a year on the circuit also. The most glorious sight was on one occasion when the boys SG Elegant and his sire SG Spirit of Esteem came over the finish line side by side. I was there that day and lucky enough to photograph and its a memory I will never ever forget. Elegant and Nicola moved to advanced level in his first year, and then went on to win the Keysoe Endurance race in June 2018. What followed was a surprise, as Nicola decided not to tell me she had entered him in the FEI World Championships in the South of France but she did and the news, he finished the race to become a Young Horse Endurance World Champion.

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